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We are proud of our full scale of relevant and profitable RPO services, secure process, being certified GDPR compliant, and modern technological platforms but the best thing about QX Recruitment Services is ‘Our People´ – QX RPO UK is proud of its team of Top RPO Specialists.

Are you interested in relevant, profitable and secure RPO services offered by 280+ top offshore RPO recruiters & sourcing specialists.

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QXRS – Power behind top UK staffing companies

QX Recruitment Services (QXRS) is the best offshore RPO specialist provider to the top UK recruitment and staffing companies in IT, healthcare, engineering, education and HR domain. QXRS UK offers relevant, profitable and secure services from its certified GDPR complaint delivery centers in India.

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Functional expertise in numbers


Average ROI – Temp Desk Placement teams


Average ROI – Perm Desk Placement teams


Indirect GM – Temp Desk Talent Pool


Indirect GM – Perm Desk Talent Pool

Are you looking to achieve such impressive numbers or something similar to add more value to your staffing business? QX RPO can help.

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Recruitment Technology & Software

Are you curious to know the details of how we helped clients like you with custom and cost-effective Recruitment technology or F&A automation?

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Aron Vaidya

On 3-2-2020 by

4 Passive Candidate Sourcing Best Practices You Can...

Getting active candidates is easy! I can easily access copious amounts of talent from job portals and job boards. Why bother with passive candidates? Is it worth the extra strenuous effort? Consider the following numbers, 70% of the existing global...

Aron Vaidya

On 2-7-2020 by

Interviewing Ian Knowlson – Skills Shortages, AI, and...

  QX RPO UK Services has been working on using RPA to optimise the core business processes and deliver better quality solutions to clients. And while we hear a lot about artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain applications, we wanted to...

Aron Vaidya

On 1-9-2020 by

New Year Resolutions to Achieve Recruitment Success in...

What is the one thing that we do every New Year? We set new resolutions to improve ourselves. Lose weight, learn swimming, read 50 books in a year; it could be anything. Unfortunately, for more than 90% of people, these...

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Our leadership, corporate culture, global delivery capability and growth have been recognised and awarded throughout the years. QX is proud to be affiliated with the following organisation and accredited with the following awards.