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About QX Recruitment Services
The best RPO in India

With more than 15 years of relevant industry expertise, best processes and platforms in place and a large team of trained RPO specialists - QX Recruitment Services UK has the ability to enable your staffing and recruitment businesses in the UK to transform the way it works.

People – Inspired, Trained and Driven

The best thing about QX RPO is its People. We are a team of 280+ trained and experienced RPO professionals with around 73% celebrating 2nd work anniversary with QXRS UK. Senior management comprises of leaders who rose through ranks and have handled processes and clients through profitability.

Process – Evolving, Profitable and Secure

Being in the industry for more than a decade and half gives QX Recruitment Services UK a definite edge regards to understadning of the domain specific relevant processes. It has allowed us to keep improving our processes, security and infrastructure as per changing dynamics of the staffing industry in the UK-EU region.

Platform – Relevant, Fast and Accurate

QX RPO relies on its full scale, internal software and automation team to develop efficient bots and RPA tools for RPO and Pay and Bill processes. QX Recruitment Services UK utilises both proprietary and third party tools and software to offer relevant and profitable RPO and F&A services to the UK staffing businesses.

Why QX Recruitment Services is the best RPO in India

Since 2003, QX has been the preferred RPO services provider to the best and top staffing and recruitment companies in the UK from the healthcare, IT, engineering, education, human resources & secretarial domain. It is noteworthy that most of our top clients are still with us and QX RPO UK has continually evolved its services, processes, platforms, infrastructure and people (through continuous and relevant training) to be able to help them grow exponentially.

We speak the same language (English):

The biggest asset of QXRS UK and one of the highly distinguishing reasons which makes it the best RPO in India is its large team of well trained and highly proficient, English speaking RPO professionals.

We are fast, accurate, efficient & make more money:

Successful offshore RPO engagements should yield at least two benefits – Reduced turnaround time and increased profitability. RPO services at QXRS ensures the clients enjoy these benefits along with other usual outsourcing advantages.

We listen, access & upgrade for stress free experience:

Outsourcing RPO can be stressful if you are engaged to non-compliant businesses. At QX Recruitment Services UK, we intently listen, access, discuss and then enhances processes and platforms as per clients need.

Our Readiness for Data Security and GDPR

We are certified GDPR Compliant

QXRS UK data security readiness can be easily assessed from the fact that we became the first outsourcing company in India to be certified GDPR compliant.

Trust and security is paramount at QX RPO UK

Trust and security happens to be one of the most critical expectations of our clients. And therefore, we have embedded it in our core business values.

Helping staffing business comply with confidence

EU-UK based staffing and recruitment clients feel confident with our RPO services as we have proactively added GDPR certification to ensure they are compliant to latest legislation.

QX RPO UK Business Continuity Plan


QX RPO UK has a strong operational business continuity plan in place for natural disasters or unplanned situations. We have multiple BSI and certified GDPR compliant office locations to transfer the important business processes in just 4 hours and continue to function with required efficiency.

Adequate backup of key resources

We also make sure the absence of any key personnel does not impact on our ability to keep the organisation functional. There will always be someone from the management structure to cover absences at senior and managerial level to ensure business continuity and delivery of services.

Contingency workforce plan

To help our clients scale at will, we have an in-house team of full-time recruiting professionals to maintain the availability of a wide pool of candidates. Our training academy enables us to elevate new candidates to the highly professional level which is required to deliver the best RPO services to our clients.

Lean Six Sigma

A number of our team members are Lean Six Sigma graduates. They utilise their Six Sigma training to systematically assess and improve our clients’ processes to increase their efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary complexity ensuring they get and a stronger bottom line which is robust and evolving for future scope of challenges.

Awards & certifications

Our leadership, corporate culture, global delivery capability and growth have been recognised and awarded throughout the years. QX is proud to be affiliated with the following organisation and accredited with the following awards.

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