Overview of QXRS Learning & Development

Tailored to meet clients changing processes:

RPO processes are regularly updated for efficiency and QXRS UK L&D trainings ensure QX RPO capability to deliver excellent service to clients without delays caused in searching for such RPO professionals.

Aimed at imparting value to learners:

QXRS UK through its L&D division ensures their team members are relevant and can continually grow in their career paths. A lot of soft skills, sales, marketing, cultural-fit and leadership training sessions are aimed meets the needs of learners.

Focus on world class material and trainers:

Similar to delivering only the best services to the clients QXRS L&D focuses on developing and sourcing world class modules which is then delivered by highly proficient internal, external and international trainers.

Insight on Certifications and Trainings Programs by QXRS L&D

New starter on-boarding program

WHAT IT IS: This program includes soft-skills, culture sensitization and communication training for new joiners to get started with QX RPO UK.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: New joiners to anyone looking to improve UK specific communication or their business writing skills should join this course.

BENEFITS: Achieve better results from day one on the floor. Gain from perceptive of subject matter experts and on-job-training by international trainers.

Self-development programme

WHAT IT IS: This program includes instructor led trainings, group discussions, communication & book clubs along with podcast and TED talks led discussions.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This is for all QX RPO UK resources. Among many other compulsory modules it is to be attended by all.

BENEFITS: It is designed to help QXRS UK experts with their continuous professional development and to help them improve their RPO skills.

Sales & Recruitment programme

WHAT IT IS: This program focuses on the essentials of effective selling, sourcing and 360 degree recruitment to stay focused and relevant in the RPO UK domain.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All team members who are in the sourcing, compliance, or 360 degree recruitment or those who want to make big as RPO professionals.

BENEFITS: It focuses on the ability to communicate in an articulate manner with candidates and keep them engaged and interested in the open roles.

Service experience program

WHAT IT IS: This program focuses on empathy, listening skills and relationship building which are much required to succeed in RPO domain.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All team members who continually interact with clients and candidates. This training help you grow as a valuable RPO resource.

BENEFITS: It offers a thoughtful learning experience of what behaviours and abilities are required to grow as an RPO professional and climb ladders at QXRS.

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