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1. How would offshore recruitment support by QXRS UK boost my business?
Through this service we have helped some of the top 100 staffing businesses in the UK. Outsourcing your recruitment work will allow you to boost your company brand and assist you to find the best talent possible, thereby improving your relationship with your own clients.
2. Is offshore recruitment support solution suitable for my staffing business?
Offshore recruitment support is about developing and benefitting from the relationship with your outsourcing company. It’s not about just paying someone to source some candidates; it’s more about understanding where support is required within your company and helping you to utilise your strengths more efficiently. So, if you think your staffing business can use some support then our experts can definitely help you.
1. Will you send across the CVs with their contact details?
We will interview the candidates over the phone and get all the required information for you. Upon conducting this activity and having the candidates’ permission, we will send their CVs to you and upon your feedback we will schedule a telephone interview. You will have the contact details of the candidates to take things forward.
2. What type of details will you get for us to evaluate the candidates?
We will obtain all the relevant details that a recruiter in the UK would get for you and this would be fully specified when we take the brief from you.
3. How will you source the candidates?
We will use a very wide range of sources appropriate to the candidate type to draw potential candidates from.
1. What sort of companies outsource payroll to QXRS UK?
We deliver payroll services to some of the UK’s largest recruitment companies, SMEs, and NHS Trusts. Specialising in high-volume payroll processing for recruitment agencies, we process over 1,000,000 timesheets annually.
2. How long does it take to start offshore recruitment payroll with QXRS UK?
Offshoring payroll requires proper exchange of information and processes; since we are the best at it and are industry experts we are able to start delivering even at a short turnaround time of 15 days to 1 month.
1. Do you provide 360-degree recruitment support for international candidates?
Yes, we take care of all the tasks right from job inputting to sourcing to document verification to compliance and on-boarding for international candidates.
2. How long it takes to source and recruit a global talent for UK geography?
There are several things and stages which require time to be able to source and recruit international candidates. However, if the permitted geography is vast then it takes around 15 days and upwards.
1. What process will you follow to check references?
We will follow your standard process for checking references; for example, some of our clients use software such as PASS for pre-employment checks and the software can customize the number of times we should chase referees via email, phone, etc. and we simply use the same software.
2. What tools will you use to check references?
With your permission we will access your software to check reference and update the details. In instances where this data is unclear, we will go to the source to verify information.
3. How many applications will your resourcer shortlist on an average day?
Short-listing is a time consuming activity and the number of shortlists cannot be guaranteed as it completely depends on the quality of candidates who’ve applied for the job. However, this will be fully discussed with you prior to commencing the activity and a target number will be agreed.
4. Will the adverts you produce comply with the UK laws and legislations?
We educate our resourcers as per the laws and legislations and keep them updated about the new rules and regulations in the UK recruitment market.
5. How many CVs will one person format on an average day?
This completely depends on the length and technical amendments on the CV. However, we will have weekly reviews and agree a benchmark for the activity.
6. What do you do if the CV is incomplete?
At the point of implementation, we will obtain your permission to directly approach your candidates to request information to enable us to provide you with complete CVs.
7. What if there are multiple urgent CVs at one point in time?
We always analyse the volume of activity for every client before we get into an agreement, hence, depending on the number of urgent CVs you’d need to be formatted at one time, we would discuss and deploy personnel accordingly; i.e. after evaluating the volume and discussing your priority with you.
1. How will you regenerate our database?
We will discuss your business development strategy with you and profile the type of candidate you require. We will then work through your database and assess, contact and reactivate the candidates where appropriate and thus turn it into a valuable asset for your recruiters to match vacancies to.
2. Will the recruiters have an understanding of the industry/sector we operate in?
We always try to hire recruiters who have experience in the relevant industry sector as it makes it easier for them to understand the industry specific terms and for our clients to train them. However, we utilize our own Training Academy where any specialist knowledge is missing. When we are putting a client’s team together, we invite the client to conduct the final interviews and select recruiters for their team so they will have an input to ensure they have the type of people they want working for them. We also provide ongoing training.
3. How do you maintain the confidentiality of our candidate database?
We are based in Skipton, North Yorkshire and governed by UK policies and procedures. We sign a data protection agreement with our clients before entering into any agreement. We use bank-level security to keep your sensitive data safe across all the activities.
4. Can QX help with ‘skill coding’ the applicants?
Yes, QX will skill code the candidates as per your requirement and the specific applicant tracking system (ATS) that you use. We train our resourcers to understand the CVs and key skills on their profile to input relevant skills on your ATS; this means your recruiters can conduct an improved search and match process to identify suitable candidates for their vacancies.
5. Will your resourcers understand the vacancies as well as our recruiters do?
You are the master of your industry and our deliverables will depend to some degree on the knowledge shared by your recruiters to our resourcers. However, we ensure our resourcers receive detailed training in your industry.
6. Are your resourcers trained on various search procedures to extract relevant CVs?
We have an internal Recruitment Services Training Academy and all recruiters and resourcers receive extensive training on search procedure which includes ‘bulls’ eye’ deep web mining technique with 58 permutations and combinations. This training also includes ‘Boolean’ search which is not only useful in searching CVs from job boards, but also helps in unveiling the details of candidates from other sources such as blogs, LinkedIn profiles, podcasts and videos from across the Internet.
7. What sources will you use to search for candidates?
We will use a wide range of sources dependent upon your requirements, availability of candidates and location of candidates to ensure we provide the required volume and quality of candidates required.

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