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RPO helps cut cost, reduce infrastructure and resource intensive investments and also helps staffing businesses focus on what they can do best – focus on top line without worrying about admin and support tasks. In this unprecedented time, let’s work together.

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This Too Shall Pass! Let’s Work Together
Best Practical Advices from Recruitment Industry Leaders

Training & Performance Management during Crisis
It’s not just about numbers, but also mental wellbeing that forms a core part of Training & Performance Management; more so, in this time of COVID-19 crisis. Watch Recruitment training expert and coach, Angela Cripps, engage with QX and share her thoughts on the topic.

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Leadership Conversations in a Crisis!
Watch Kevin talk about his journey around leadership conversations, and the imminent arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution, driven by technology and pushed on by the COVID crisis.

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How should businesses respond to COVID-19
This video highlights the steps you must take to ensure business longevity amidst COVID-19 crisis. Valuable inputs compiled from globally known business experts Kevin Green, Angela Cripps and Ian Knowlson.

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Kevin Green: COVID-19 Recession vs 2008 Recession
How bad is the COVID-19 recession compared to the previous recessions? Watch Kevin Green point out critical numbers around PMI index that reflect the severity of the impact of COVID-19 recession!

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Ian Knowlson: Coming together during a pandemic
These are testing times for humanity, and only through supporting each other, we can overcome this COVID-19 crisis together! – Ian Knowlson

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QX Vlog with Kevin Green
The CoVID-19 pandemic has brought with itself a global financial crisis, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. And business leaders must step up to face the challenge! – Kevin Green

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Blogs and Resources to help staffing businesses
steer out of ill effects of Covid

Barely healed by the impact of BREXIT and skills shortages, businesses are now bound to suffer from the disruption caused by the CoVID-19 threat. Here, your organisation’s crisis management capability will be tested, severely! If not completely mitigate, but to at least keep the loss at minimal, SMEs and large…

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  Kevin Green is a globally recognised business leader. He has taken up several top management executive positions and served as a strategic advisor to middle-market businesses focused on technology, consulting, and recruitment services. He is also a bestselling author of book Competitive People Strategy, which is shortlisted in the…

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 A transcript of the podcast “CoVID-19 – Implications and BCP Guidance for Businesses”! Our guest for this podcast is Ian Knowlson! You may know him as ‘a Global Influencer’, ‘a Growth-Coach’, ‘a Business-Mentor’, or ‘an Employment Futurist’ in the global business landscape, especially the recruitment landscape. Ian, would you…

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1. Is QX RPO offering any CoVID specific support offer to recruitment businesses?

Yes, we are here to help and eager to support through the rebuilding process of whatever business impact has been due to this unprecedented situation. To start with, our top leadership of the RPO division, Mahesh, Akhilesh and Vimal are always keen to get on a call consultation call. Further, we have also reduced our rates for most of our service offerings and can be discussed in detail. To make offshoring a more viable and easy to choose option, we are also offering a reduced rate 1 month trial.

2. Covid crisis has changed lots of business needs at least for the short term. How is QX helping recruitment businesses in this changed times?

QX, proactively initiated BCP protocol ensuring WFH is carried out smoothly and without hampering data security. Most of our processes, even with WFH setup are more than 100% efficient and SLAs have been continuously overachieved in the past 2 months. The proactive approach allowed our leaders to restructure lots of services as per changed times and also introduce value add short term services for recruitment businesses. To know more about few of the new and restructured services, kindly contact using the form above.