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Overview of 360-Degree Recruitment Support Services by QXRS UK

  • True 360 Recruitment Support:
    Experience complete recruitment support service which includes everything from job posting to sourcing CVs and candidates to compliance to bookings and their timesheet and payroll management.
  • Streamlined process:
    The team which works for your 360-degree recruitment support are trained for all processes, and they meticulously keep on condensing the functions for greater efficiency.
  • Relevant & Profitable from Day 1:
    The QXRS UK RPO professionals have years of experience in the actual processes, and therefore, they are quick to pick the tasks and start proving their worth right from day 1.

Offshore Recruitment Team

Experience the complete recruitment support both for temp and perm desk which includes everything from job posting, sourcing CVs/candidates, pre-screening and compliance to placing candidates and timesheet and payroll management.

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Candidate Pre-screening and Compliance

Our 360-degree recruitment support team is trained for everything from candidate pre-screening to compliance. They are proactive in contacting candidates to understand their suitability ensuring improved quality of candidate pool and better placement ratio.

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Talent Pool Generation

We have years of experience in talent pool generation and therefore our professionals are quick to start and prove their worth right from the day 1 by identifying and mapping relevant candidates from specific market or supplied organizations.

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