Overview of the best offshore recruitment support by QXRS UK

Quality & Quantity at reduced cost Experience the benefit of increase in the quantity and quality of candidates with up to 50% reduction in the Overhead and associated costs. Improved service delivery Quick delivery time and improved service help your staffing business achieve 100-300% indirect gain achieved as your in-house resources are freed to focus on core processes. Sustainable and scalable growth Condense the recruitment life cycle and generate a sustainable and genuine talent channel for future along with flexibility to scale as required without involving major cost.

Out of Hours Recruitment Support

Whichever days and whatever time, your UK in-house sourcing and recruiting team is not available – we have your back with our night sourcing and out-of-hours recruitment support.

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Pre-employment checks

Experience the benefit of detailed background checks for candidates ensuring reliable talents for open positions who are duly screened as per requirement of the role.

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RPO admin & Back office support

Improved turnaround and service through efficient admin & back office support has helped staffing clients achieve 100-300% indirect gain along with their in-house resources free to focus on core processes.

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