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Pre-Employment Verification

Save time and energy of your resources and enable them make more successful placements with pre-employment verification services which screen the candidates as pert the supplied direction. It also helps you stay relevant and candidate centric as our verification RPO experts thoroughly understand what they should be asking and how they should ideally approach the candidates for information. Candidate centric This is in regard to time when the candidates want to get contacted to provide additional details. Our experts ensure a great candidate experience at all time. Professional approach Our trained professionals have in-depth knowledge to carry out background checks and validation of the candidate’s employment history without any bias. Details – only as required Background checks can sometime be sensitive; our RPO professionals collect only as much details are allowed and are required by our clients for the open role.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Verification

Improved Quality

Our team of sourcers & recruiters adopt high-touch approach to reach out and engage relevant candidates improving quality of talents you submit.

Faster Turnaround

Through our scalable and consistent process delivery we help you to provide better services to your clients with improved turnaround time.

Reduced Cost

Dedicated resources with proven expertise of sourcing and recruiting utilize their experience in helping clients win best candidates and dramatically reduce process costs.

Swiftness and expertise

Focus with undiminished enthusiasm to search the best candidates, both through conventional and unconventional channels enable us to deliver swiftly and help gain your business domain expertise.

Scalable recruiting capacity

Recruitment business has a volatile dynamics and with the flexibility to up and down-scale we help you keep up the pace and scale accordingly to enjoy greater profit and success.

Maintained focus on core business

Outsourcing/offshoring recruitment processes help minimize the time spent by your employees on the recruitment functions and to allow them to focus on core processes to drive business.

Secured Process

We are certified GDPR compliant for data security and confidentiality and have secured infrastructure in place. We are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2008 certified for information security & quality management system.

FAQs on Pre-Employment Verification

What tools will you use to check references?

With your permission we will access your software to check reference and update the details. In instances where this data is unclear, we will go to the source to verify information.

What process will you follow to check references?

We will follow your standard process for checking references; for example, some of our clients use software such as PASS for pre-employment checks and the software can customize the number of times we should chase referees via email, phone, etc. and we simply use the same software.

Are you unable to find the right services for your recruitment & staffing business? Do you feel your requirement is unique & challenging?

Then you will like the fact that we look forward to unique challenges. Contact us today for a zero obligation consultation.

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