Offshore Sourcing support by QXRS UK

With detailed industry knowledge and a large team of trained recruitment consultants, QX Recruitment Services UK has the ability to find the right matches for permanent, contract and temporary vacancies. Our comprehensive offshore sourcing support enables top staffing businesses in the UK to transform their sourcing and recruiting processes.

Resume/CV Sourcing

Source and build pipeline of most relevant set of candidates for the open roles. Cultural fit and zero bias towards UK based candidates ensures better CV sourcing efficiency.

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Passive Sourcing/Searching

Candidates who continually skill themselves are tough to find and most of them are also passive making the task even more challenging; but not for QXRS UK sourcing specialists.

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Database Regeneration

If you are struggling to source candidates, then blame your old database. Improve sourcing and placement ratio by 30-40% with QXRS UK database regeneration services.

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