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Top 10 IT Skills in Demand in 2018

Global IT industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% in 2018. On the other hand, number of tech employment opportunities are expected to increase by 12% by 2024, which will lead to more and more jobs becoming available to IT professionals looking to get into the industry.

While there are a large array of technical skills that the job seekers will offer, there are certain skills that will be more in demand in comparison to others. Companies now seek to source and hire IT talents that enable them to keep up and stay ahead. Let us take a look at some of the skills that have a huge scope and demand in 2018.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative and exciting fields moving into the future. From Siri and Alexa to chatbots to predictive analysis to self-driving cars, there are a ton of uses for this futuristic tech.

Machine learning can be applied to every industry, including healthcare, education, finance, etc. Translation? The possibilities are endless, and you can apply your machine learning skills to a role that suits your personality and interests.

Based on LinkedIn’s research, there are 9.8 times more Machine Learning Engineers working today than five years ago.

Data engineering

Data engineering is separate from data science, but the former is what enables the latter to exist. Data engineers build the infrastructure and tools that data scientists rely on to conduct their own work.

Data Science

With the rise of big data and machine learning, data scientists are becoming a key component in many industries — from finance and banking to health care and drug discovery. Companies will be investing on a big scale in talent acquisition in this field. – Andrii Buvailo, Enamine

Mobile development

Mobile application developers will continue to be in high demand, just as they have been the past few years. The demand for Mobile Application development will get greater in the coming year and successful application developers should have considerable knowledge in multiple programming languages, including Java, HTML5, Objective-C, C++, C#, Python and Swift. Application developers with UX and UI design skills can offer much more value for project management.

Data visualization

Data visualization is a way to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context (turn spreadsheets or reports into charts and graphs that can be easily understood).


Given the recent infiltration of networks, there will be an increased need for excellence in cybersecurity. Organizations need to ensure they are protecting the data they capture behind the walls of their networks. Stakeholders are becoming increasingly aware of cybersecurity concerns and therefore demanding companies address the issue. The tech industry will need expertise in this area in 2018. – Maria Clemens, Management and Network Services

Amazon web services

Cloud computing jobs are on the rise because more and more companies are switching from the classical server infrastructure to cloud solutions. Amazon Web Services is one of these cloud platforms, featuring content delivery, database storage, networking, and more–over 50 services in total.

AWS specialists are usually engineers, cloud architects, and system administrators. IT professionals who are AWS-certified earn more than their non-certified counterparts. It’s one of the most profitable skills they can learn to level up their tech career.


Consumers will not settle for anything less than a quick and seamless user experience whether they are using an enterprise software solution, shopping or gaming online. User interface and user experience developers are going to be in great demand in the coming year to make software interfaces as intuitive as possible.

SEO/SEM marketing

Employers are looking for people with digital marketing skills to improve their company’s web presence and visibility. This is one of the tech skills in demand for obvious reasons: more site visits mean more conversions, customers, and revenue.

Cloud Services & Solutions (SaaS, Paas, IaaS)

IT professionals with skills in cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) will be the hot ticket in 2018. Virtualization skills in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware for private cloud hosting will, without a doubt, help you stand out from the crowd. Experience with DevOps, containers, the entire cloud stack and IPv6 will also benefit your chances for a top job tremendously. – Jeremy Williams, Vyudu

What technical skills are you looking for in 2018?